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Project Ready

USA - 13 minutes
Director: Jason Fischer
Writer\Producer Surreal Media Lab
Executive Producer Urban League of Nebraska
Cast: Dr. Margeurita Washinton, Thomas Warren, Khalil Antoine, Antigone Faulkner, Darrick Smith, LaTeya Broadway, Mora Dailey, Melvin Tyree, Michelle Troxclair, Tim Clark, Gabrielle Gaines Liwaru, Sharif Zakir Liwaru, Ms. Mary Thomas, Principal Haynes

The Urban League of Nebraska brought together 6 students from across North Omaha to learn about their communities heritage through interviews with local leaders. The youth Interviewed and helped produce the film. You will see conversations with modern day poets, artists and activists. As well as the lead editor, Dr. Marguerita Washington, of The Omaha Star; the first (now only) African-American owned newspaper in Omaha. We discover a wealth of stories and knowledge that has largely been left untold. This film uncovers powerful connections to these students past and even their future.